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Pre-requisites for classesAge recommendations
Tiny TotsAge 2.5-3
Pre-dance 1Age 3.0-3.5
Pre-dance 1BAge 3.6-4.0
Pre-dance 2Age 4.1-4.5
Pre-dance 3Age 4.6-5.0
Levels 1-4

Some pre-requisites

Elite Dance Academy, Inc. reserves the right to modify schedule, as necessary to accommodate registration needs. 
Class Descriptions:

Tiny Tots:  Intro to dance and tumbling using age-appropriate methods of instruction to develop the youngest dancer in a way that encourages a love for dance early on.  Ballet & Tap positions are taught with emphasis on early coordination exercises.

Pre-dance:  Intro to Ballet & Tap using proper French terminology for Ballet and methods appropriate to the age and attention span of the dancer.  A routine is followed to encourage learning the dance class environment.

Ballet:  Classical Ballet technique is taught, appropriate to the level and age.  Barre, Allegro, Adagio, and fundamentals of technique and placement with the use of all French terminology.  Levels are determined based on the age, experience, skill-level, and maturity of the dancer.  Level III/IV Ballet students should ALSO take Ballet/Lyrical and are strongly encouraged to take Pointe/Pre-pointe.

Jazz:  Jazz, Funk, and various styles (Fosse/Broadway vs. Street Jazz) are taught using center work, across the floor, leaps, and turns.  Emphasis on placement and attention to detail of proper execution.  Levels are determined based on the age, experience, skill-level, and maturity.  Levels 2-4 should accompany this class with the appropriate Leaps/Turns class for optimal development.

Tap:  Various styles of tap are taught (Broadway or Classical Tap as well as 'new' styles of the latest and greatest tap experts, appropriate to level and age.  Rhythm, sound, and timing are emphasized.  Serious tap students are encouraged to take two tap classes, one in their level and one of a level up or down to further develop clean sounds and technique.

Lyrical Dance:  One definition of 'lyrical' is expressing deep personal emotion or observations.  Lyrical dance is the merging of Classical Ballet with Jazz and Contemporary styles of dance.  It is usually performed with music which has 'lyrics' and is very expressive, to convey feeling and musicality.  Students wishing to take Lyrical must have a foundation in Ballet and Jazz.  Level 2-4 mature students will be successful in this class.

Hip Hop:  This is a street-style of dance, done to Hip Hop music or as evolved from Hip Hop culture.  The term 'hip hop' is vague as it can encompass a wide range of styles from Jazz/Funk to Poppin', Lockin', Jerking, Breakdance, or whatever the latest trend is, which is constantly changing.  Each instructor has a diverse style and approach to this genre.  Dress is not as strict, nor is the tone of the class.  This style is completely independent of most other styles.

Tumbling:  Our tumbling classes intend to create a more diverse dancer, with the skills necessary to incorporate increased flexility, acrobatic tricks, and tumbling passes into their dance repertoire.  Pre-tumbling is for the preschool dancer who will learn basic tumbling skills, strength, and flexibility.  Levels 1, 2, and 3 will progress into more advanced tumbling skills and passes such as roundoffs, aerials, walkovers, handsprings, and staging for tucks/layouts.  We are not a gym, however, our training fulfills the dancer's need for certain acrobatic and tumbling skills to make a well-rounded dance athlete.

Pointe:  A class for the Intermediate to Advanced Ballet dancer, who already has a foundation of Classical Ballet and wishes to further their ballet training to include dancing en pointe.  While this class can be taken without pointe shoes to develop ankle strength and in preparation of pointe work, pointe shoes should only be obtained under the direction of the instructor, with much guidance.  Elite's policy is that dancers under the age of 14 must be given clearance from their physician before beginning pointe work, to ensure growth plates are fused and to prevent injury resulting from going en pointe too soon.




We regret that we are not able to observe all school systems' vacation and holiday schedules due to the fact that our students attend multiple schools in AL and GA. Because of our location, we will observe holidays common to either the Phenix City or Lee County School calendars as follows. Sorry, no pro-rated tuition for holidays.

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